Planejamento de produtos na Conferência Prophix Usuário 2015

Prophix Imageprophix Jun 29, 2015, 2:20:00 AM

The Annual Prophix User Conference has always been an opportunity to gather leaders in the Prophix community from across the world and have frank conversations on myriad topics ranging from business technology trends, to challenges facing modern CFOs, to product suggestions. For the product team, this is one of the most important events and we were out in full force this year with the primary purpose of listening to as many users’ ideas, stories, concerns, and recommendations as possible. There is truly no substitute to listening directly to users and giving them an opportunity to take part in shaping the product roadmap.

My favorite moments at the conference

  1. Seeing the vibrant activity at the Experience Lounge, a perennial hit with customers. In a relaxed environment, users dropped in and were able to speak directly to senior members of the product and user experience team, offering insight on specific application use cases we may not have considered. Listening to our customers, understanding their pains at work, and unique perspectives on corporate performance management is ingrained into the DNA at Prophix because we feel it is through these dialogs from which we can craft a great user experience and deliver value.
  1. Taking customers through an interactive experience on planned enhancements and user interface changes in upcoming releases of Prophix. It was great to hear what users thought of the next generation user interface based on HTML5 designed to work beautifully on all devices and display form factors. For this upcoming release, the product team meticulously reviewed every aspect of the existing product interface from feedback collected from our 2500+ strong customer base with the goal of further refining and simplifying the user experience. It was great to finally be able to reveal these exciting changes!
  1. Seeing AAA Northeast voted by their peers as having the most innovative and AAA Northeastexceptional use case of Prophix. Rich Pachecho, VP, Finance and Administration at AAA Northeast eloquently explained how Prophix has empowered the finance department to become strong participants in strategic decision making.
  1. A great Sunday afternoon meeting with the Prophix Customer Advisory Board. I am tremendously grateful to all board members who decided to work on Sunday instead of lounging in Newport Beach! What ensued was an engaging afternoon chat on integrated financial planning and exploring areas in finance and operation that can benefit from the value provided by CPM applications.
  1. Enjoying a leisurely evening cruise around Balboa Island with our customers after a productive day of workshops and meetings.

Pictures from the Prophix User Conference event.

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